1. Instruction on the Lutes and Related Early Plucked Instruments

Žak provides private instruction in both solo and continuo playing on early plucked instruments. Special attention is placed on the development of efficient and pain-free playing techniques. Students with existing or developing carpal-tunnel syndrome, back pains, and similar ailments are instructed in using their body to advantage, thus avoiding unnecessary pain-inducing movements. Meditation techniques, based on models drawn from both Eastern and Western traditions, can also be taught for use in reducing stage fright. Students also are trained in the theoretical aspects of the early plucked instruments, including related history and philosophy, and tutored in the vast related repertoire. Full guidance is provided in the purchase and maintenance of instruments and accessories.  Lessons over Skype are possible.

Žak was recently invited to write a lute method for Hal Leonard, to be published in 2020.

2. Instruction in Using the Sibelius™ Notation Programme

This service is available to professional musicologists, composers, arrangers, orchestrators, and music students at any level of proficiency at using Sibelius™ notation programme. 20 years of experience at using this industry standard notation software will be utilized to help you improve your own skills at Sibelius™. Individual, and group pricing and programmes of study available.